Ever heard the sound of silence?

Listen to rustle of leaves, chirping of birds or the sound of rains.

Lush green earth. Clear blue skies. Turquoise waters of Koyna dam. Feast your eyes till they are heavy with sleep. Be in harmony with nature. Come to koyna for total peace of mind.

If it’s Koyna it must be Wind Chalet

Nestled in tucks of Sahyadri, Wind Chalet is dream resort for tourist of all season and reasons.

In summer it is a cool retreat.
Come winter, it is a cozy gateway.
Experience the highest rainfall of 6000 mm during monsoon.
When rain falls, it is a trip down memory lane.
Experience a new lifestyle approach as you are surrounded by lush greenery,fresh mountain air and mystifying Sahyadri views.


Koynanagar is a discreet hill station located in the Patan Taluka of Satara district in Maharashtra and is set in the stunningly beautiful sahyadri mountain ranges of the western ghats. The region is a part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in India and Koyna's evergreen forests mark the transition zone between the Deccan plateau and the Konkan.

Koyna area is known as the renewable energy capital of Maharashta because of its hydro electric and wind energy projects.

Koyna is a mesmerizing place which lures anyone to its surroundings with its,deep valleys, dense evergreen forest with diversified flora and fauna,misty mountains, milky white waterfalls and the pristine shivsagar lake.

The serene ambience, sometimes interrupted by the resonating sound of wild animals and birds, sited far from the dirt and grime of the city, with cool and fresh air, rejuvenates your soul and senses.

Koyna with a pollution free atmosphere is a relatively upcoming hillstation and is less exploited than the overcrowded hill stations of Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. it is perfect getaway for those seeking a natural retreat away from stress and strain of city life .

Climate: With the height ranging from 800 to 1200 meters above mean sea level, the vast expanse of the shivsagar lake and the dense forest cover creates a pleasant climate throughout the year. The mean maximum and minimum temperature are generally 28 °C and 15°C respectively. The average rainfall is 2,200 millimeters per year and is same as mahabaleshwar.


A cosy nest with all modern amenities that is Wind Chalet. Build in harmony with nature and without assaulting the environs, Wind Chalet has 2 luxurious suites each on ground floor and on first floor. Insulated from external world and wide open to nature you can indulge in the peace and tranquillity of Koyna and rediscover the joy of togetherness with your family and the nature.


The property features quite capacious accommodation and offers all necessary facilities front desk, doctor on call and many more making the stay a memorable one for guests, Wi-Fi.

Free Car Parking
Free Toiletries
Cook On Demand
Dining Facility
Air Conditioner

Activities In & Around Resort

Just step out. It is breath taking.
One has to see to believe it.
Awe-inspiring is the magnificent view of the Koyna dam.
Still waters of the Shivsagar lake will provide solace to your overworked mind and body
Enjoy playing hide and seek in thick mist. Romance the rains.
Watch the sunrays filter through the lush green foliage and mist.
Next to Kerala,the backwater of Koyna are scintillating and beautiful..A launch ride on this limpid water is truly exhilarating.

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Explore Koyna


The Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary:The koyna wildlife Sanctuary is an exotic sanctuary dotted with an abundance of flora and fauna. Nestled in the beautiful Western Ghats, the sanctuary sprawls over an area of about 426.52 sq km. It forms the northern portion of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve, with Chandoli National Park forming the southern part of the reserve. It forms the catchments area for the Koyna River, and the Shivasagar reservoir formed by the Koyna Dam. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by natural protective boundaries - Shivasagar Lake on one side, and the slopes of the Western Ghats on both the sides. These geographic barriers have enabled the emergence of a wide variety of flora and fauna and high biodiversity in the sanctuary. Due to the wide range of elevations in the sanctuary, the ecoregions in the sanctuary include North Western Ghats montane rain forests above 1,000 m(3,300 ft) and North Western Ghats moist deciduous forests below. Dominant species are Anjani, Jambul, Hirda, Awala, Pisa, Ain, Kinjal, Amba, Kumbha, Bhoma, Chandala, Katak, Nana, Umbar, Jambha, Gela and Bibba. Karvi is found almost all over the area
The sanctuary has a diverse variety of mammals including the keystone speciesBengal tigers. Also, Indian leopards, Indian bison, sloth bears, sambar deer, barking deer and mouse deer, Smooth-coated otters and Indian Giant Squirrels are common.


Wind Chalet Resort Koyna, standing on top of the hill is everything for every guest.
For solace seekers it is as peaceful as hermitage.
For nature watchers it opens altogether a different world with fathomless bounty of nature.
For adventurist, wild life and mountaineering are within their reach. For honeymooners it provides a world of their own cut off from the rest.
For family it is a memorable experience.


Just a hop step and jump away from Mahabaleshwar,Koyna is accessible by road and nearest rail terminal from eastern side is Karad and Western side is Chiplun .Konkan railway has made it easy for Mumbaties to reach Koyna. 47km from Karad and 46km from Chiplun. Convenient to travel from NH 4 and 17.

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